Connecting Video Advertisers With Their Audiences

Ad Revenue Solutions' patent pending technology solves fundamental problems for advertisers, unlocks enormous data, and challenges the status quo

Current Video Advertising Problems

Skip Rate

Viewers tend to skip the vast majority of skippable online video ads. Skipped ads, low recall, and zero interaction are fundamental flaws in the current ad model.

Low Recall

Consumer recall for video ads is incredibly low. Specific ad messaging is lost on the viewer. People simply don't pay attention to video ads.

Zero Interaction

Even if forced to complete an ad, viewer interaction is almost non-existent, and viewing is passive and disengaged.

ARS Solves Video Advertising

Changes Ad Watching from Passive to Active

Viewers usually  just wait for an ad to end, or skip as quickly as possible. 

ARS viewers are PAYING ATTENTION to the ad and its messaging, and have PROVABLE ENGAGEMENT

Spoon-Fed Custom Ad Messaging

Virtually every advertiser has some messaging they want viewers to come away with; ARS allows advertisers to spoon-feed their message, and deliver it EVERY TIME

A Simple, Patent Pending Fix 

ARS Improves Everything:​


& More

Easy Integration

ARS' simple API integration is designed able to extract untapped value across the existing video ad campaigns, across virtually any video medium. 

Invaluable Data

 Advertisers are now able to unlock incredible, detailed data as to the success of their existing ad campaigns, instantly.

Active & Focused

ARS changes viewing from disconnected to  focused, so viewers come away with message recall that is off the charts

Data, Data, Data

Advertisers can now easily unlock:

Data by demographics, brand awareness, viewer perception, incorrect assumptions, & much more, from their existing video ad campaigns

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