Boosts Recall

The NTB format switches the user's attention from passive to fully engaged and active. Because the user is actually watching and paying attention to the ad, perhaps for the first time, we have a proven 90+ percent recall rate of the ad message!

Ad Messaging
Protect Your Ad Budget

Exactly how much of your pre-roll ad budget is going towards views that will never be seen, let alone remembered? Advertisers have no way of knowing if a user changed browser tabs or pulled out their cell phone, totally oblivious to the pre-roll ad in front of them. We prove user interaction and engagement.

Pop-Culture Video Content
Positive Interaction

Instead of building viewer resentment by forcing them to watch an ad in a distruptive manner, have users engage with your ad in a pop-culture themed, fun and rewarding environment. Your viewers will thank you.

Valuable Data

We can provide invaluable feedback for the advertiser regarding the success of their ad campaigns. With our back-end data, we can show advertisers which viewer demographics are best understanding and remembering ads, and which ones could use more work. 

Unlock Ad Value!
Measurable Results

With our proprietary ad model, "The Adverpeat," we can show exactly what percentage of users correctly knew the ad message before interacting with our game, and how much their ad knowledge and recall increased after rewatching the ad through our platform. The results are irrefutable. 

Seamless Ad Integration