In addition to the benefits delivered by regular 'The A Game' platform, advertisers can also get the same benefits of 'The A Game' on their own digital properties. NTB Media has built successful custom video trivia games for companies such as Coke, NASCAR, BBC, Turner, WB and The U.S. ARMY



Clients for Custom Games


“Thank you. And thanks for the great work everyone.  

The app looks beautiful... is very happy with the game play. Now to get the word out!”


“Kudos to the entire NTB Media Team for developing this application!  We're very pleased with the outcome and think it will be well received by many in Headquarters as well as the field and customer base.”


“The Facebook game you created for us was well conceived and executed.”


“Coke is very happy…  Everything looks great.”

- NTB Media provides a clear solution for website and Facebook fanpage monetization and engagement, as we create custom entertaining and informative “A Game” applications that revolve around the featured fan page app, and can be housed directly inside of Facebook fanpages, or other third-party sites.


- These custom applications and the interactivity and engagement they engender are extremely valuable to social-media conscious advertisers, sports teams, artists and more. Our application is geared to anyone seeking to generate interest and interaction with their brand.